Musicless Videos

Meet the man who dares to change the sounds of President Obama, Miley Cyrus and Kurt Cobain – The untold story behind Musicless Music Videos     

So back in August, I got the opportunity to sit down and talk (on the phone) with a guy called Mario Wienerroither and write an article about his work for sounDesign which you can read here. Mario’s an Austrian sound engineer and the mysterious genius behind the YouTube channel, Musicless Music Videos and Silent Movies, Musicless Intros, Speechless Speeches.

When words fail, music speaks but what happens when the music is left unspoken?

If video killed the radio star, then have you ever wondered what music feels like when the sound is silent and the unexpressed melodies and tunes are just left there for your own interpretation? They say ‘music is what feelings sound like’, but what happens when you remove the music and try to express that same emotion? Well, that’s exactly what one person is trying to do with his Musicless Music Videos’.

Mario Wienerroither

On a side note, when I was young I wanted to be a musician, specifically in a punk rock band, but if that didn’t work (which it never really did), my second preferred option was working behind the camera as a music video director. Music videos have the power to bring songs to life and sometimes even give them a complete new meaning. I remember being glued to the television, watching (rock) music channels like MTV2, VH1, Kerrang and Scuzz on Sky Digital and waiting for my favourite tunes to come on so I could record them on the VCR to make and distribute VHS mixtapes amongst my friends. Back then this was the best and one of the only ways to hear and discuss about new (and old) music.

YouTube DailyMotion Vimeo MetaCafe

This of course, was before the popularity of the Internet, just around the 9/11 era and years before the digital age took over with online-streaming video player websites such as, YouTube (2005), DailyMotion (2005), Vimeo (2004) and MetaCafe (2003). Now it just looks like, music videos have lost their novelty and turned into a lost commodity, in which their value can only be measured by endless competitive online view counts. It’s no surprise that MTV stopped playing music videos and replaced them with reality tv shows, most likely due to the digital age and it’s products of online addiction and social media. The average viewer won’t even realise that all these elaborate expensive music videos in today’s decade are only produced if they’re supported and backed by product endorsements such as, smartphones, gadgets and vehicles. A privilege that only the mega rich and super famous rock stars can afford, to promote the release of their new music.

So here is some of Mario’s classic musicless music videos remixed and reimagined with sound effects that will either make you laugh and keep you entertained or make you feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable. Enjoy folks!


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