2015 Revival of Audio Cassettes

2015 Revival of Audio Cassettes: Meet the Company who now runs the only factory in the world to produce Analog Tapes

So here’s the third article I wrote for sounDesign about the revival of audio cassettes this year, which you can read here.

It’s been almost two decades since the audio cassette has been succeeded by newer formats of audio distribution, from CDs through Mini-Discs and MP3s to Online Streaming services, and just when you thought the digital age had surpassed all other formats and made audio tapes in extinct, they are now making a surprising comeback by a company who runs the only factory in the world to produce audio cassette tapes. If you’re a collector of these old-fashioned pieces of audio plastic and yearning to re-live your old-school days, then I’ve got good news for you‘.


Metallica No Life Til Leather


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