Picture Sounds and Musical Posters

Sound Poster is the triumph of Kandinsky’s Synaesthesia

Sarqasim Sound Poster

                                                                                                                                                                So here’s the sixth article I wrote this month for sounDesign about interactive posters that are designed to produce sounds when you engage with them in creative ways, which you can read here. Here’s a cool little excerpt,

‘The modern ‘poster’ in the 21st century dates back to the mid-1800s when the printing industry refined colour lithography and made mass production feasible. Today, a poster can be defined as any piece of printed paper designed to be displayed on a vertical wall. However, in the digital age Dutch graphic designers, Trapped in Suburbia which consists of Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld and Richard Fussey have given the old modest format of a print designed poster a digital update with sound abilities and simply called their innovative series, the Sound Poster’.

The inspiration behind the Sound Poster series was originally inspired by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and his ideas surrounding colour and music. Kandinsky is believed to have Synaesthesia which in Greek is the translation for: together (syn) and sensation (aesthesis), which, in this unusual case, is the involuntary ability to hear colours, see music or even taste words. However, the idea of music being linked to art is a phenomenon that dates back to ancient Greece, when Plato first examined tone and harmony in relation to art. 

The concept of how you’re supposed to interact and engage with the Sound Poster is also inspired by the Theremin, which is an electronic musical instrument named after the Russian inventor, Léon Theremin who developed the device in the 1920s, which is played without physical contact by the performer (thereminist).     

It will be interesting to see how this experimental project where Graphic Design meets Sound Design  progresses over the next half of this decade and the 2020s.


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